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Dear Parents and Carers,


Our first half term of this year has simply flown by! It has been such a busy time in school, our children have really enjoyed their topics and have certainly embraced every learning opportunity with great enthusiasm. We hope you found Parents’ Evening informative and useful.

I wanted to take this opportunity to update you with regards to our efforts to continue to improve our school. As many of you know, OFSTED visited us in January this year and we were pleased that they acknowledged that we ‘put plans into place to build upon the good quality of education currently being offered to children.’ Below I have outlined the two main educational aims for this academic year along with our plans to achieve these aims.

Aim 1-to increase rates of progress and attainment in Maths



  • Snappy Maths is being used across the school from Reception-Year 6 on a daily basis. Snappy Maths is a series of songs, chants, games and action rhymes to help children to learn and recall basic number facts, ranging from number bonds to 10 to the 12 times tables.
  • Times Tables Rockstars is being used on a daily basis in years 1-6. Many of you will be supporting your child to learn their tables through using the app at home. At school, our children have a booklet in which they have 3 minutes to answer as many times table and division questions as they can and record their scores. Teachers are then able to use these to track each child’s progress and knowledge of basic number facts.
  • Aim 2- to increase rates of progress and attainment in Reading



    • The school library was not being used to its full potential and has been disbanded. The high quality books are now available in each classroom as they have been added to class libraries. We hope this will encourage children to read a wider range of books, including non-fiction.
    • The library area will be transformed into a learning base which will be accessible to children throughout the day, including lunchtimes.
    • VIPERS is being used as the main reading comprehension teaching strategy across the school. This strategy supports teachers and children when asking and answering questions about the meaning of the texts they are reading. This ensures children not only develop reading skills, but are also able to understand what they are reading too.
    • Years 3-6 will also be using online assessments in Reading and Maths throughout the year. The outcomes of these assessments will support teachers to plan lessons, provide intervention and track the progress that each child is making in these areas. Teachers will also use these assessments to inform their end of term judgements, which you will find in your child’s report.  

      I hope you find this school improvement summary informative. I am always grateful for the strength of our school community and I know you will be keen to know how you can support your child at home. As English and Maths leads, Mrs Graham and Miss Holden will share more information with you regarding Snappy Maths and VIPERS after half term.

      Finally, I would like to say a huge well done and thank you to our whole school community for such a positive first term of this new year. The next half term is always a busy one-with lots of celebrations and Christmas excitement. Mrs Trueman-Brown is currently working on planning all of the Christmas events and will update you as soon as she has dates and times organised.

      I would like to wish our children, families and staff a very happy half term.

      Don’t forget, Friday 26th October is an INSET day and school will be closed to children.

      I look forward to seeing you all when we return to school on Monday 5th November.


      Thank you, once again, for your continued support.


      Miss Lewis