Our Governing Body members are drawn from a range of backgrounds. We have staff and parent governors and members of the local community who bring their particular skills to the role. The diversity of skills, experience and expertise we possess as a whole enables us to challenge, support and complement the work of our school. The Governing Body meets as often as required, meeting once each term as a minimum.

Our membership structure is currently as follows:

  • 4 Parent governors
  • 4 Co-opted governors
  • 1 Local Authority governor
  • 1 Staff governor
  • Headteacher
  • Deputy Head ~ Associate
Name Appointment date Term of office (in years) Date stepped down Who appointed Full PPF Cur
Mr S Wigley 01/09/2015 4 Parents 100 66 100
Role of Chair 01/09/2016 2 Governing Body
Mr M Mynott 25/01/2017 4 Governing Body 100 50 100
Role of Vice Chair 20/03/2017 2 Governing Body
Ms L Ralley 09/05/2018 4 Parents 66 100 100
Mrs B Chauhan 13/07/2015 4 Co-opted 100 100 33
Mr M Jordan 21/02/2016 4 Co-opted 66 100 100
Mrs R Donowski 01/01/2018 4 Co-opted
Miss A Lewis 01/09/2015 4 Headteacher 100 100 100
Miss E Williams (Staff rep) 27/11/2016 4 School Staff 100 100 100
Mrs E Perry 25/02/2019 4 Parents 100 100 100
Mrs K Trueman (Deputy Associate) * 05/09/2016 4 Governing Body 100 100 100
Mrs R King (Clerk) Governign Body na na na
  • Voting rights: Full Govs - No / Committee level - Yes

Much of the work of the Governing Body is carried out at committee level. We have two specially tasked committees in place who work to specific terms of reference and a scheduled programme of meetings. Specific governors are named members of these committees, however, all governors may attend these committee meetings if there is a relevant point of interest. In addition, we also have statutory committees in place for the purposes of pay, performance management, disciplinary and dismissal matters. Governors have specific responsibilities and curriculum links attached to their role and visit the school on a regular basis, meeting with staff and pupils.

The role of school governor is on a voluntary basis and the usual term of office is four years, which may be extended upon re-election. Parent governors may complete their term of office once their child has left the school.

Current Committee Structure

Curriculum Committee

The purpose of the Curriculum Committee is to monitor the teaching, learning and pastoral provision across the school. The committee meets termly as a minimum.

People, Premises and Finance Committee

Our PPF Committee is tasked with monitoring finance, buildings and estates, health and safety and personnel matters. The committee meets as often as required, meeting on a termly basis as a minimum.

Whole School Community - Our Role

As a Governing Body, we believe that parents, carers, pupils, staff, governors and members of the wider local community all have an equally important role to play in the success of our school and we value the contribution of our whole school community enormously. Your views are important to us, and we are always happy to hear your suggestions for school improvement. If you would like to pass on a suggestion, or if you are interested in finding out about how you can help our school by becoming a governor, our Chair of Governors can be contacted via the school office for further information.

Name Specific responsibility area
Business / Financial / Other Interests
Mr S Wigley (Chair) Health & Safety
No business or financial interest
Mr M Mynott Child Protection / Safeguarding
No business or financial interest
Mrs B Chauhan Finance
No business or financial interest
Ms L Ralley Pupil Premium/Sports Premium/DAGB
No business or financial interest
Mr M Jordan Maths
No business or financial interest
Miss A Lewis Headteacher
No business or financial interest
Miss E Williams Staff Governor / SEND
No business or financial interest
Mrs K Trueman Deputy
No business or financial interest
Mrs R Donowski Link Gov for training
No business or financial interest

All governors abide by our Governors' Code of Conduct

All our governors are contactable via the school office