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Senior Leadership Team

Miss A Lewis- Head Teacher

Mrs K Trueman- Deputy Head Teacher

Miss E Williams Acting Deputy Head Teacher/Year 4 Teacher

Mrs E North- Assistant Head Upper School /Year 6 Teacher

Mrs H Rhodes-Assistant Head Lower School/Year 2 Teacher

Mrs J Clifton-School Business Manager

Reception Team

Mrs E Trimmer- Reception Teacher

Mrs J Gill-Reception Teacher (Friday only)

Miss R Holden- Reception Teacher

Mrs M Willcocks-Reception Learning Support Assistant

Mrs L Bullock- Reception learning support assistant

Mrs J Crees-Reception Learning Support Assistant

Year 1 Team

Miss C Robinson- Year 1 Teacher

Mrs K Wolstencroft -Year-1 Teacher

Miss B Bower-Year 1 learning support assistant

Mrs A Richards-Year 1 Learning Support Assistant

Year 2 Team

Mrs H Rhodes- Lower School Assistant Head and Year 2 Teacher

Mr R Hudson-Year 2 Teacher

Mrs M Bhirth-Year 2 learning support assistant

Mrs V Lambert-Year 2 Learning Support Assistant

Year 3 Team

Mrs H Musgrove-Year 3 Teacher

Mr A Pepper Year 3 Teacher


Mrs W Faber-Year 3 Teacher (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Mrs S Wellings-Year 3 Teacher (Thurs pm, Friday)

Mrs A Dunn-Year 3 learning support assistant

Year 4 Team

Miss E Williams-Year 4 Teacher

Mr D Guest-Year 4 Teacher (Monday, Tuesday)

Miss J Adams-Year 4 Teacher (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Mrs E Layton-Boffey-Year 4 Learning Support Assistant

Year 5 Team

Miss C Savage-Year 5 Teacher

Mrs J Montgomery-Year 5 Teacher

Mrs V Taylor-Year 5 Learning Support Assistant

Year 6 Team

Mrs E North-Upper Years Assistant Head and Year 6 Teacher

Mrs S Graham-Year 6 Teacher

Mrs H Riches-Year 6 Learning Support Assistant

PPA Team

Mrs A Allen

Mr S How-Your Sport Coach

Mrs C Russell- SENCO

SEN Learning Support Assistants

Mrs S Hinton

Mrs S Webb

Ms V Rotherham

Mrs D While

Mrs P Thompson

Mrs M Bhirth

Miss C Elgerton

Mrs D Fox

Miss C Baird

Mrs K Forbes-Chapman

Admin Team

Mrs J Clifton-School Business Manager

Office Manager

Mrs J Peacock-Admin Assistant

Site Manager

Mr L Hopkins

Lunchtime Superintendent

Mrs Gannon

Kitchen Manager

Mrs L Hopkins