Howley Grange Primary School Values, Purpose and Commitments

'Achieve, Believe, Care'

At Howley Grange our core purpose is to make a positive difference to our children through:

  • broadening their minds and increasing aspirations ensuring every child achieves their full potential
  • raising children's self-belief and confidence through celebrating effort, hard work and successes
  • supporting every child to show care for themselves, others and their environment, enriching every community to which they belong

We will do this by:

  • creating a family atmosphere where all members of our school community feel listened to and valued
  • delivering consistently high-quality teaching and learning
  • planning a broad curriculum which inspires, engages and motivates children
  • providing a safe, supportive, inclusive and stimulating environment of which we can all be proud
  • nurturing a culture of respect and understanding

We promote a set of school values which are upheld by all members of our school community, they are;